Garage Door Repair Fontana, CA ― When it comes to your family, keeping your children safe is your number one priority. Garage doors are dangerous and if mishandled, can threaten the safety of your children. Follow these 5 simple guidelines to ensure your garage door and children are on the same side of the safety spectrum!


1. Sensors and Auto-Reverse Feature

Start by assessing the obstruction sensor and auto reverse feature. Make sure these are functional. To test this, block the sensor with an inanimate object such as a piece of wood or a box. If the system is functioning. The garage door will stop and reverse upon sensing it. You can also stand outside the door and apply resistance. The door should stop and reverse directions when your body weight is sensed. If it does not, your auto reverse feature is not functioning and you will need to disable the opener and have it serviced! Do not place your hand under the door when testing, or stand underneath it.

2. Balance Your Garage Door

Your garage door should open and close smoothly. There should be no resistance on the tracks. If your garage door does not open freely, or if you have to push hard to close it this is a problem. In time, the excessive force will cause the door to come off its tracks. Hence, leading to an accident or injury.

3. Keep Children Away From Door When Playing

Ensure that your children do not associate the garage door with a form entertainment. Teach your children to treat the door respectfully and how todo-not-play-under-garage-doors
properly operate it. Warn them of its dangers, assuring that they do not play with any of its dangerous elements. Things such as pulleys, cables, and torsion springs can catch clothing or smash a finger. It is important to keep these areas clear. Also, be sure your children are not swinging or hanging from the garage door. Another common game children like to play is “racing” under the garage door when it’s opening or closing to try and beat it. As wholesome of a game this may seem, it is extremely dangerous to allow children to play anywhere near a moving garage door. In fact, garage door opener controls should be kept in high areas out of reach of children at all times.

4. Invest in a Quality Garage Door

When purchasing a garage door, make sure it is made out of strong, sturdy materials. Not only will this ensure that your garage door lasts long, it makes it harder for burglars to break into or vandalize. Having a well-built garage door will also protect your family against mechanical malfunctions brought about by insubstantial construction.

5. Regular Maintenance

Perform regular routine maintenance checks on your garage door to ensure it is working properly and safely year round. While doing this, make sure that the area surrounding the garage door and its controls are free of debris sand well lit.



Here at Garage Door Repair Fontana, CA, children safety is our priority! For help with a quality garage door that will keep your entire family safe, be sure to CONTACT US!